The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki


Wehave a release date! It will be released on 9/30.
This is for the PSP, it is listed as having two versions:
Standard edition being 5800 yen, Limited edition with Drama CD being 7600 yen.

Zero no Kiseki will feature an evolved AT battle system, and take place in the ‘Magic Capital Mixed of Light and Darkness.’

We should start seeing more information popping up soon, around and after Ys vs Sora no Kiseki’s release.

[ Falcom’s IR Page ]
[ article ]

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  1. *Ahem… WHEEE!!!!!! Sorry I'm not contributing anything to the discussion. However, a happy atmosphere promotes good things right?

  2. Ah…Who is the mysterious girl with the light blue hair and the hairband that looks like cat ears? C.T.

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