Zero no Kiseki Combat Details

Thisis coming from 2ch, so I don’t know how reliable it is, but it could be from one of the plethora of Dengeki scans that I’ve not been able to get my hands on. :(

When the symbol for the enemy comes up on the field, you have the ability to attack it to get the advantage in combat. The encounter begins after a successful hit on the target. All enemies will have the Dizzy status effect, and all party members will have the initial move with a Critical AT bonus. You can change out which characters does the field attacks, and each attack has different ranges, effects, etc etc. If your level is high enough, the enemy will be destroyed by the Field Attack, and you will be rewarded sepith.

You will receive a Tactical Bonus score in combat.
Orbal Kill is 0.10, No Damage is 0.20, No Move is 0.20, Around Kill is 0.20, and First Attack is 0.05. The numbers are tallied together at the end of the fight, and high scores will receive EXP bonuses.

Chain Battle will occur if enemies are too close to each other. The parties for the particular enemies on the field will be united into one battle, [Think Tales of Vesperia] and you will receive bonuses for defeating them.

New AT Command: Team Rush
On this turn, you can have all of your party characters join in for an attack on all enemies on the field.

New Ability: Counter
Counter is the character returning a standard attack on an enemy after being hit. However, the reverse is also possible. On enemies with counter ability, it may be best to used ranged area characters against them.

Retreat is not always successful.
The previous game had a 100% success rate on running from battles. Now, it may not always work.

Two characters can spend 100 CP each for a Combo Craft. Combo Crafts are event learned skills.

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