“Kiseki” Series Anime?

Sorry I’ve been behind on posts. I got Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood this week, so I’m sure you know where I’ve been. D: (It’s so good too! If you like AC, nab it. But that’s not what this post is about!)

I posted on Twitter earlier this week that Moonphase.

Well, one of the IR Reports posted on 11/10 (this is the ‘Explanation’ Report linked here- PDF format), states, on page three, that they “intend to strengthen the brand name with comics, anime, drama CDs, and other accessories”.


Now,we’ve also got- I can only assume that it’s her, at least- Ika-chan (is that Ika-chan on the twitter?) (or SOMEONE) on Falcom’s twitter giving a great big ????(???)???? upon seeing the obi of the Sora no Kiseki manga vol 1 that is to be released on 12/10/2011.

(Yes. I totally copied that emoticon. It’s awesome.)

This is all coming after Moonphase made ANOTHER post where he made a side note to it. This is the post I referenced on my tweets earlier this week.

This information is also now popping up on Anime News Network and Ancient Land of Ys. Is this finally going to happen?

I was curious when I heard grumblings about this on 2ch, but the moment that Moonphase started speaking about it, there had to be something going on- namely because he’s a fairly reliable news source. I’ve seen him post things before official announcements several times before.

I’m going to go with this being one of them. Then again- that IR went out before his first post. Hmmm~

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