Multiple Pieces of Information from Dengeki Interview

Quoting from Andriasang:

Amore complete summary of Dengeki’s interview with Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo has surfaced. It looks like Kondo only briefly mentioned Falcom’s next project, saying that Falcom would like to make an announcement some time next Spring. This summary doesn’t mention anything about the game being an original title, so I’m not sure if that’s actually mentioned in the interview or not.

The focus of the interview was on Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki, which recently saw PSP release. Kondo said that players should hold on to their system data, as there will probably be a sequel. He also said that they want to do download content.

Also, a couple of snippets from 2ch, as translated by Narugami, on Ancient Land of Ys:

About Cassius, Loewe and Arios:

Interviewer: Incidentally, I’m curious about the difference in strength between Cassius, Loewe and Arios. How do they rank up?

President: It’s a popular topic on message boards, isn’t it? LOL In terms of attack power, Loewe and Arios are roughly equal. Since Cassius switched from the sword to the staff, he lags behind them, but in terms of tactics and knowledge he far outstrips the other two. As a result, his total strength is greater. Plus Cassius is much more popular.

About Abbas:

Interviewer: I felt that Abbas really stood out among the other NPCs. Is he actually an incredible person?

Kondou: We make hundreds of NPCs, and very rarely a character like that appears. LOL Setting-wise, Abbas is a character designed to support Waji. By acting as Waji’s backup, he gives the impression that Waji is not an ordinary person. In spite of this, Abbas himself established a strong presence! LOL

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