Kiseki Festa Round 6 Posted + Character Poll

“My Best Character” has been posted, with a whopping 190pages of fanart.

The theme was for people to pick their favorite character from Sora/Zero no Kiseki and then illustrate. There is some amazing artwork, and perhaps some from people you may know, as the entries are varied in where they come from.

Also, Falcom posted a character poll on the Falcolumn – a collection of the number of artworks that had specific characters in the series.

#1 – Estelle (26 images)
#2 – Joshua (17 images)
#3 – Tio (16 images)
#4 – Renne (15 images)
#5 – Randy (11 images)
#6 – Elly / Olivier / Kevin / Seed (9 images)
#7 – Agate (7 images)
#8 – Anelace / Tita / Lloyd (6 images)
#9 – Klose / Loewe / Wazy (5 images)
#10 – KeA / Joachim / Ries / Weismann (3 images)

Others: Antoine, Ilya, Wald, Yin, Cassius, Kanone, Campanella, Keer, Gratz, Koppe, Scherazard, Shizuku, Shining Pom, Josette, Zin, Sergei, Dudley, Zeit, Special Duty Soldier, Drome, Dorothy, Doln, Traumerei, Nial, Nigitomato, Noel, Hitsujin, Mishy, Muller, Morgan, Julia, Rixia, Lila, Lucy, Lechter

[ Kiseki Festa – My Best Character ]
[ Fal-Column ]

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