Random Twitter Quotes:

I’ve got a bunch of amusing twitter quotes from today, being as it’s Friday and everyone’s out in force.

Sadly, no #FollowFriday stuff, because it’s all been people I’ve been watching already. XD

I’ll be nice to put these behind a cut, since I’m choosing to use tweetshots for this. :D

Afterreading RPGamer’s Article:

@Naruisatwit has wonderful descriptions of Sora no Kiseki/Zero no Kiseki:

Trails in the Sky FC is like a hilarious shoujo manga with crossdressing and doki doki relationships. SC is a hardcore awesome RPG.

The 3rd is a dungeon crawler that I like because it’s so streamlined and Zero is AWESOME POLICE FIGHT DINOSAURS, THE MAFIA AND ALSO A CULT.

plus the characters are adorable and I want to be Raniki someday. Haaaaa. Shutting up now.

Is there something else in the article on RPGamer, by the way? Tin-foil hat time, people!

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