XSEED Games’ Next Falcom Release?

The article on RPGamer ended with the following question:

MAC:There are other Falcom titles out there such as Brandish or Zwei!!? We don’t see anything else on the upcoming list for XSEED, so we want to know what’s around the corner. Any hints?

Ken Berry responded with: (emphasis mine)
“Falcom has such a great library of titles that have never been released in the US to draw from, we would frankly be happy with anything they let us work on. In terms of giving a hint on which title we may pursue next, well, I wouldn’t want to wield too much influence over the rest of our team here by flaunting a title by name.”

I may be reading too much into parts, and I may be missing other parts. But if what I see is correct, then that is very clever.

Well played, Ken. Well played~

[ RPGamer – Trails in the Sky Interview with XSEED Games ]

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