13 Reasons to Buy Trails in the Sky

Jessica Chavez of XSEED Games wrote a recent post on the Official Playstation Blog, titled, “Be Afraid: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky hits PSP March 29th”. (See the link below to read the article in full.)

However, a great highlight from the article is her 13 reasons to buy the game:

1)The script for the game was so huge that the translation/editing process straddled 3 separate years (November 2009 to February 2011), which translates to a) employee dementia and b) some serious value for your money.

2) You will travel this huge, detailed world and bludgeon things to death.

3) The dismembered body parts of your foes are great for cooking.

4) There are no random encounters.

5) You do not need to grind, but if that pleases you, you may mill your little heart into tiny, tiny stats.

6) There is a sizeable and painstakingly crafted plot under all those text windows.

7) There is a rotating 3D camera function, and holding either the L or R buttons for prolonged periods of time will make any secondary parties that are watching quite motion sick (I have tried this and enjoyed their suffering; you will too).

8) The soundtrack was composed by the Falcom Sound Team JDK

9) You get to go fishing.

10) A select few NPCs will say unexpected and offensive things. Please enjoy them.

11) There is a dictionary… for cats.

12) There are several in-game books and one very, VERY long novel.

and finally,

13) There is a bath scene.

Excited yet? :D

[ The Official Playstation Blog – Be Afraid: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky hits PSP March 29th ]

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