Ao no Kiseki Revealed in Dengeki Playstation

The new part of the Kiseki series, Ao no Kiseki, has been revealed in the latest issue of Dengeki Playstation, which has actually broken street date in some locations in Japan.

There’s not been too much detail revealed, and the scans located have been cell phone photos (they will be attached at the bottom of the post)

  • Charactersrevealed: Lloyd, Noel, Wazy, Olivert (yay!), and a new character named Shirley.
  • This game begins several months after Zero no Kiseki.
  • The events will be surrounding KeA’s heart/spirit.
  • It will be bigger than the previous games in the series.
  • The mystery of the Phantom Blaze Project/Orpheus Project will be revealed.
  • Improvements have been made to the orbments and battle system.
  • You can skip past the animation on arts and crafts.
  • This will be the greatest climax of the Legend of Heroes series.
  • Preorders will begin in May.
  • The story of Crossbell is not yet concluded.
  • The Special Support Section gets a car, and you can customize it.
  • Wazy’s secret is now becoming a keyword.

A lot of the information was already translated by Narugami on Ancient Land of Ys, and Varion pointed me out to the news. Thanks, guys!

This game is to be released on 9/29.
There will be three editions:
Standard edition at 6090 yen, Drama CD edition at 7980 yen, and the limited first print edition at 9240 yen.
The limited first print edition is said to contain an Elie or Tio nendoroid. (May be both, may be one or the other. Have yet to confirm this.)

Cell phone photos (click to enlarge):

[ Mattarina Hito Toki ]
[ Game Information and Rumors ]

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