Help Wanted for Falcom Wiki!


…sorta. I can’t pay you. But you can pride yourself on a job well done. While I can work with the posts and tend to stick with that area, I do not know much about wiki, I would love to have someone (hopefully a Falcom fan) who knows a LOT about what they’re doing with writing in wikitext and so forth, to help me create a basic layout and so forth. If even that, just to help me come up with the basic categories, because there’s so much out there for Falcom, really. D:

I’ve got the structure, in a sense, but I just need someone who knows more about the code than I do. Feel free to drop me a line at vorfeed ‘at’ swordbreaker ‘dot’ com, or to mention or direct message me on Twitter.

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  1. You’re going to want to look into ‘template’ support. When I last looked into this a few years ago for one of my previous wikis, it was.. extremely painful to get going. I did eventually get it.

    However, I just did a bit of research on this now, and it looks like the external dependencies aren’t there anymore– so it may not be quite so bad at this point.

    For a professional look, you basically want to layer templates together.

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