More Information on Chinese Release of Zero no Kiseki

Elena at ALoY provided some more information as Interwise added a short interview on the games’ PC releases in China:

Inoticed Interwise added a short interview about their experience with Zero no Kiseki recently. I might translate it later when I’m bored, but here’s one question that I think is quite relevant to peoples’ interests.

Q: Finally, can I ask what is Falcom’s perspective on the PC version of Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki?

A: Even though Falcom has already shifted thir development focus towards handheld and home consoles, but they have given us tremendous technical help towards the PC version of LoH:ZnK, almost everyday we meet together for technical discussions and consultations, providing us with technical support so that the PC version is completed smoothly.

(TN: Couldn’t think of a better term for “meeting together”, this means meeting in general, could be online or via letters, doesn’t have to be person. In this context, it could be either way. Also, I’m pretty sure they specifically mention “home consoles”, as in PS3, Wii, etc, in this answer, maybe they know more than us?)

[ Link to post on ALoY ]

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