Status on Falcom Employees and JDK Band Members

Since I’ve seen people making this sort of note elsewhere for other people, I will go ahead and write one up for everyone.

Falcom is alright. They have reported through multiple tweets that they have a few cracks in walls, but all of the staff made it through safely. They did report a casualty of their Mail figurine, when it fell and broke.

Kotarou, the drummer of the JDK Band has been actively posting and has confirmed that he is well.

Icarus (singer) was on a Shinkansen when the earthquake hit. The train stopped, and all power was cut off, but he’s safe, and he’s been able to contact his wife, and she is safe as well.

Kanako Kotera is safe. She was with her sister when the earthquake hit and was outdoors. Her sister is safe as well. She has been actively tweeting all night.

Mizuki Mizutani (violinist) has reported on twitter that she, her sister, and her dog (XD) are all doing well. I thought she was supposed to be performing tonight, but I may have misread and I’ve not seen anything else to confirm otherwise.

Eno Chang (Bass Ouji) was in a rehersal that was cancelled when the power went out. He has confirmed that he, too, (as well as the rest of the band he was with) are okay.

Demtori posted “I am fine. I’m scared, but I’m okay, nonetheless.”

Everyone has been fairly active on twitter, and all have been involved in making sure that safety messages have been retweeted for anyone following in Japan. Emergency services has been telling people to stayoff the phones. Government and rescue teams have cut the civilians from the phone systems so that they can have access to them during the emergency. Do not call Japan, even if you’re trying to check on loved ones. Please stick with Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or email.

There are plenty of services that you can utilize to check on people:
171 Emergency Voice Mail Systems, by phone provider:

Google Crisis Response People Search:

If you are interested in finding more information, Katz from YokosoNews is doing a fabulous live broadcast/translation of local news stations in Japan.

[ Sources from all over the place. @.x; ]

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