Ao no Kiseki Characters Posted on Amazon

The current list of characters with art and descriptions are posted on Amazon now.

Though I will admit, for some reason, I started to struggle a bit with the Japanese. I apologize that this took so long, and if there are errors, I apologize for that, too.

Thereare Trails in the Sky spoilers in this post.

Lloyd Bannings (18) – This young police investigator from Crossbell is continuing on as the hero from the previous game. After the dissolution of the Special Support Section, he has gone into training for counterintelligence and anti-terrorism.

Elie Macdowell (18) – The granddaughter of the former Crossbell mayor, Henry Macdowell, she worked with Lloyd as part of the Special Support Section during the previous game. After the dissolution of the Special Support Section, she has requested for the suspension of her work in the police, so that she may help with her grandfather after a new head of state is selected.

KeA (Approximately about 9) – A girl with amnesia who was protected by Lloyd and the others during the previous game. She has a friendly, cheerful, and naive personality. After Lloyd began taking care of her, she began to attend Sunday School.

Noel Seeker (18) – A young woman belonging to the Crossbell Garrison Force. She possesses an exceptional energy when in combat. What sort of changes have come across for her in this game?

Wazy Hemisphere (17) – A mysterious young man with gender neutral good looks. He led the gang, the Testaments, that were located in the Old Town of Crossbell. Perhaps he’s acting on a whim in this game…

Olivert Reise Arnor (27) -This whitty hobbiest is actually the imperial prince of the Erebonia Empire. He was active in the earlier ‘Sora no Kiseki’ series as one of the main characters… but in this work, he is in Crossbell for particular reasons…

Shirley (16) – An innocent, yet capricious girl who sometimes has the ferocity of a tiger. She is visiting Crossbell [with another person?], and can curiously be seen running around.

Arios Maclaine (31) – An A-Rank Bracer from the Crossbell Bracers Guild with the title Sword Saint of the Wind. He is a hero to the citizens with his excellent swordsmanship and problem-solving skills. In this game, he will be cooperating with Lloyd for a particular incident.

Arianrhod (??) – The Seventh Pillar of the Anguis of the Ouroboros. She has a deep understanding of battle, possesses a strict moral code, and shows no mercy to her enemies.

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