Dengeki Playstation 493 Scans

While I’m waiting on Dengeki Playstation 492, I did get 493 in. It has a six page article, detailing some of the characters and setting information for Ao no Kiseki.

The information from 2ch that I had posted before is fairly accurate, though there may be more information along with these. I’m just… uh… too lazy to translate, since I’ve got a ton of other things to post about. D:

If someone wants to take a stab at them in comments, go for it! :D;;

As a note, these are all MASSIVE files. The image on the wordpress article is a different thumbnail completely. Itwill link you to my gallery via a link. Just as a heads up. I don’t want to make people download 6 files all around 2 megs each as soon as they load up this post. :D
EDIT: The Gallery is being removed, so files have been moved to the WordPress media system.

And my scanner is dying. :( So the scans aren’t at their best, I’m afraid. I should fix that soon.

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