Dengeki Playstation 494

Dengeki Online is now showing a pair of pages, as well as one of the screenshots from Ao no Kiseki in this week’s issue of Dengeki Playstation, issue # 494.

The big thing about this issue is that it will be the first time screenshots are shown.

Anyhow.The above screenshot is definitely still in development… But you can see the new cut-in art for Noel and Wazy as they use their Combo Craft, Blue Breaker.

Issue 494 also contains (as mentioned in an earlier post) new arts, and details on the new orbment system.

The page included (below) also shows Campanella, and even a page going into detail about the Ouroboros.

Have some better shots of some of the images.

I’m ordering this issue on Friday. Hopefully, Amazon will still have it in stock. D:

One more note, as a heads up:
Dengeki Online will be posting, sometime in the next 17-20 hours, the collaboration site to celebrate Falcom’s 30th anniversary. It’ll show up on Dengeki Online.

Also, as another reminder, the Complete Limited Edition set preorders close at the end of May. You want those Nendoroids and haven’t preordered yet, you’re running out of time!

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[ Dengeki Playstation – New Issue ]

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    1. I’ve actually voted for her, myself. I would LOVE a Princess Cecilia nendoroid. So much. (Though I admit that I’d love one of KeA and Parin, as well.)

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