Reactions to Trails in the Sky

The week that Trails in the Sky was released, it was in the top three for both PSP games and PSP RPGs in the Bestsellers list. Currently, it’s at 5 in PSP RPGs, and 12 in PSP games overall. Which is still great! Good work, XSEED!

Now, for the reviews part… looks like it currently has 5 stars over two reviews on Amazon, which is awesome.

GameProhas a review posted. The game received an 8.0/10. Awesome. :D

RPGFan: This review has given the game 88% on a scale of 100.

IGN: The official review on the site scores the game with an 8.0 on a 10 point scale. User reviews, though, show 9.0.

Playstation LifeStyle: They gave the game an 8/10 in a well-written, and lengthy review.

Neoseeker: Scored the game with an 8.0/10 on their review.

Seems to look good so far. According to XSEED on Twitter, there still needs to be time before they even have an idea on how well the game was received.

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