Ao no Kiseki Television Commercial

Falcom has announced in their mail magazine, that they will be running a commercial narrated by Kaori Mizuhashi (the voice for Tio) for Ao no Kiseki, including during an acclaimed drama series on TV Osaka on the 19th.

The scheduled times for the commercial from the 17~20:

(I may have some of this titles wrong.)

TV Osaka:
17 (Tuesday) 26:05~26:35 – “Flame Banana” (during the show)
18 (Wednesday) ~21:54 – News-a (alpha) (before the show) / 25:20 ~ 26:15 – CSI:6 (During the Show)
19 (Thursday) ~ 05:45 – News Morning Satellite Dept 1 (before the show) / 11:30~12:30 – Korean Drama Justice Queen (During the show)
20 (Friday) ~05:40 – Event Shower (before the show) / 11:30~12:30 – Korean Drama Justice Queen (During the show)

TV Tokyo
19 (Thursday) ~17:30 – Osarai! Fairy Tale (before the show) / 23:58~24:53 – Variety 7 (During the show)
20 (Friday) ~19:54 – Chokotto Iikoto (before the show) / ~25:50 – Television of 2050 (before the show)

If the commercial pops up on youtube, I’ll be sure to let people know.


I stand corrected. It’s already up!

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