Falcom Golden Week Sales

Falcom has several items for sale for Golden Week this week.

There won’t be any shipping for Golden Week, as a heads up. They will take the orders, but you will have to wait until the end of the holiday before these will be shipped out.

Theseorders are good until 5/5 or until 15 orders have been made!

Xanadu T-Shirt
This t-shirt, made by MARS-17, features the hero on the front with the dragon on back, sporting the words, “HE DOESN’T YET COME”, based on the last scene of the first game. You can see the details here.
Item Number: T08Y
Price: 3200 yen 2300 yen

Gurumin (Windows Edition)
While this is the Windows Vista edition of the game, it should still run in Windows 7, as a note.
Item Number: 887Y
Price: 3960 yen 1980 yen

Ys Piano Collection
Item Number: M016Y
Price: 1980 yen 980 yen

[ Falcom Mail Shop – Special Sales ]

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