More Trails in the Sky Anime Screenshots

All from the PV video, of course… But still.

These were in the recent issue of the Falcom magazine, posted on Shinanobook.

The video itself should show up sometime during the month of May.

[Falcom Magazine vol 3 – ]

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10 Replies to “More Trails in the Sky Anime Screenshots”

  1. I liked all the character styles for the anime so far, except young Estelle. For some reason, her she just does not look right.


    1. I don’t know what it is, but I kind of fell in love with that image. It’s such a cute smile on her.

      But I’ve said this time and time again- I think the backgrounds are incredibly beautiful.

  2. YAAAAYYY!! I´m excited to watch the anime as soon as it gets broadcasted!!! =D
    Thanks, floofy! You´re the best gal ^w^

    1. You’re welcome! I’m looking forward to the PV coming out. It should be any time now. :D

  3. To be honest… a lot of the characters don’t look right. It’s like there’s little consistent modeling, and they’re definitely not consistent with the game art.

    I hate to say it, but this is starting to ding my “this might be bad” meter. I hope I’m wrong, but really, a lot of these don’t impress too much.

    1. I’m of the opinion that the style I’ve seen here looks incredible when well animated. That’s the thing. We’re only seeing half of the ‘artwork’ since animation art should be fully judged when in motion.

      I’ve been looking at Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (I was planning to watch it a few weeks ago- and the weekend I had set aside to watch it was when the earthquake hit Japan, so I didn’t feel the ‘heart’ to see it then. …though I think I can probably watch it now) as an example of what this will look like- since it’s the same studio and character designer.

      Also, to see the work of the studio, looking at .hack//Quantum gives me a bit of high hopes as well, since that looks really well animated also.

      In the end, we have about 2, 3 weeks at the most, to see the PV at this point- maybe even as soon as right after GW. Hopefully. Then I’ll know for sure what to think.

  4. This seems cool. But these screen shots make me worry. I just feel like they are going to cut a lot of FC’s plot/scenes quite a bit. But who knows in the end. It just feels like it right now.

    1. Well, what I think may end up being the most logical route for them to go, would be to cover one of the two series, if possible.

      Primarily, because both FC and SC together are so insanely long that I imagine that they’d be crazy to make an anime of them both.

      This means that they have more ‘space,’ in terms of time, to tell the story.

      1. Yeah. It is just that I know there is something in FC as you know that connects the two games. If you know what I am talking about. Besides I should look at the bright side at this. I can at least spoil myself for SC before it comes out in North America. Yup, I am so evil.

        1. Yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a leadup to it. I mean, lots of people are going into this without know a thing about Sora no Kiseki in the first place. So they’ll probably actually do that scene in that.

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