New Ao no Kiseki Characters (SPOILERS for Zero no Kiseki)

I’ll be getting the new Dengeki issue next week, but some images from it have already popped up on 2ch, as well as information for the game.

This does, as the title suggests, though, contain Zero no Kiseki spoilers, due to the revelation of a particular character from said game. I will cut this post as a result. Image of photographs from the issue, plus Dengeki’s image both under the cut.

(My translations are rushed and therefore awful. I apologize for them. I’ll clear things up when I get the issue, I promise.)

(I’veincluded a larger version of that image from Falcom’s facebook in the gallery.)

Rixia Mao
The new star recruited to Arc n’Ciel through Ilya’s scouting efforts. She is a quiet and kind young woman. This time around, she will be assisting the SSS [I thought they were disbanded? Gotta wait till I get the issue, I guess… -ed] in her ‘true form’.
Craft “Moonlight Butterfly” adds the Stealth status to her and raises her speed.
(Her face is masked in the screenshot for the Craft.)
S-Craft – Shin Paraselene Dance – She cuts through all enemies with one strike of her large sword. The cutin can be skipped.

Various Subcharacters Associated with Arc n’Ciel:

Ilya Platiere
The top star of Arc n’Ciel. She is currently focusing on a new production with the theater.

Sully Atreide
A girl who has run to Crossbell from a remote location. At first look, she appears to be a boy. She is wearing a hat in the artwork shown, hiding herself with a hat.

Cao Li
There aren’t any new particular details.
I assume the note underneath is meaning that he’s seen with a redhead with a large axe over his shoulder? I’m not sure. I’ll know for sure when I get the issue next week.

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