Sora no Kiseki Anime Website Live!

Alsowith the opening of the anime website is a preliminary cast list for it, as well.

They are currently boasting the fact that they have managed to obtain the game cast thus far.

Estelle: Akemi Kanda
Joshua: Mitsuki Saiga
Scherazard: Yuka Shioyama
Olivier: Takehito Koyasu
Tita: Hiromi Konno
Agate: Takayuki Kondou
Klose: Yuuko Minaguchi
Leonhardt: Hikaru Midorikawa
Bleu Blanc: Hiroaki Miura
Renne: Kumiko Nishihara

Also, according to the twitter account for the Sora no Kiseki anime series, they got the sample notebook from the goods. Which means they should be going out to the people who ordered them soon!

[ Sora no Kiseki anime website ]
[ Falcom’s 30th Anniversary Site ]

7 Replies to “Sora no Kiseki Anime Website Live!”

  1. The anime is due to broadcast on September, right? Man, I can´t keep my eyes away from that art IT´S GORGEOUS!! :3

  2. Wasn´t that said when Falcom announced they “might” make an anime the previous year?
    It could also have been a misunderstanding of mine. Sorry about that m(_ _)m

    1. Ah! I see now. That means it has to be up and running by the end of the fiscal year, pretty much. So Sept is the latest that we’ll see it. I’m pretty sure it’ll start earlier than that, however.

      Depends on when the next anime season begins? I can check with moonphase to see what he says, since he’s pretty reliable on the subject.

    2. Looking at his post now, I see that he still shows it with 時期未定. Which is pretty much, “TBD”. It’ll probably take more digging to see if he has information. If he does, it’s not solid and he hasn’t posted it on the site itself. He may have something in his blog, however.

      1. The summer anime season starts in july and the fall season starts in october, so if it’s a TV series, it should come this summer. It haven’t been announced official though, so it could come later, even if Falcom said they wanted it to be in this fiscal year.

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