Ao no Kiseki in Dengeki PS 496

Newinformation on characters in Ao no Kiseki published in Dengeki PS 496.

There are spoilers for Zero no Kiseki in this post. Please read with caution if you have not completed the game.

Randy Orlando
After the previous game’s events, Randy has temporarily returned to the Garrison to work in rehabilitation training for the other soldiers.
He is shown in artwork with a new weapon called the Beserker (??), but cut-in images for S-Crafts show him using the Stun Halberd.

Sigmund Orlando
43 years old. He is Randy’s uncle, and a member of the jaegar group Red Constellation. He uses two, massive axes, and has an alias as the ‘Red War Demon.’ He is traveling in Crossbell for work, along with his daughter, Shirley.

Shirley Orlando
16 years old. She is Sigmund’s only daughter and a member of the Red Constellation. She wields a chainsaw-rifle type weapon. Her alias in the band is ‘Bloodstained Shirley’. She is innocent, yet a battle enthusiast.
She calls Randy ‘Randy-nii’. She is also shown with an S-Craft called ‘Death Parade.’

–I will be ordering this magazine soon, and once my move is complete, I’ll provide scans of this, as well as the last, issue.

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