Falcom Heroines Poll – 81 ~ 100

Next batch to the top.

Rank Name AppearedIn…
81 Karna Ys IV
82 Kanone Amartia Sora no Kiseki series
83 Erika Russell Sora no Kiseki series
84 Mariabelle Croix Zero no Kiseki
Medea Legend of Xanadu
Kikuka VM Japan
87 Amber Garcia Brandish series
88 Dorothy Hyatt Sora no Kiseki series
89 Mucha Ys Origin
90 Grace Lin Zero no Kiseki
91 Alise Ys the Oath in Felghana
92 Shannon Tear of Vermillion
93 Odessa Zwei II
94 Raycea Dragon Slayer – The Legend of Heroes II
95 Muu VM Japan
96 Melmarada Brandish series
97 Murasaki VM Japan
98 Meri Lu VM Japan
99 Meltina Legend of Xanadu
100 Effy Ys V

[ Dengeki Online – Falcom Heroines Poll – 81 ~ 100 ]

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  1. I was wondering when Mucha was going to appear on the list. I wonder if it is ‘cute’ Mucha or the ‘hot’ Mucha?

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