Falcom Heroines Poll Results – 61 ~ 80

Next batch to the top.

Rank Name AppearedIn…
61 Rufina Argent Sora no Kiseki series
62 Epona Ys Origin
63 Aria Cagesong of the Ocean
64 Ein Selnert Sora no Kiseki series
Curia Bell Vantage Master
66 Shizuku McClaine Zero no Kiseki
67 Fiona Zwei II
68 Lucias Tear of Vermillion
69 Chal Xanadu Next
70 Reffy Startrader
71 Reize Xanadu Next
72 Zalem Ys II
73 Tiara Zwei!!
74 Lucciola Sora no Kiseki series
75 Lieze Ys IV
76 Sarah Tovah Ys I
77 Celeste D. Auslese Sora no Kiseki series
78 Maria Messa Ys II
79 Niena Ys V
80 Maia Warzen Dragon Slayer Family

[ Dengeki Online – Falcom Heroines Poll – 61 ~ 80 ]

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