7 Replies to “POLL: Which JDK Band Album Is Your Favorite?”

  1. Falcom JDK Band 2008 Spring

    It’s the album that introduced me the Ys series and Falcom games in general.

  2. just JDK Band CD or could be Arranged version, like Zero Arranged or Sora no kiseki Arranged version ?

    1. As much as I love the original JDK band CDs (which I do!), this request involves the newer band for reasons I’ve not gone into yet.

  3. Since I only have Falcom JDK Band 2008 Spring (CD) , I choose that. That was the most awesome album that I’ve ever had. Love it!

    Majority was choosing Falcom vs JDK Band Summer 2010, I see. Now how can I get my hands on it…

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