Zero no Kiseki PC Version… In Action?

Popped up on youtube today. :D

Also,to give people a heads up, as posted on Ancient Land of Ys….

Just so people know, the Chinese version, at least the mainland version, will use a disgusting DRM as an anti-piracy measure. Basically you’ll need to be connected to the Internet 24/7 if you wanna play the game. It’ll constantly contact the server to authenticate the game. Theoretically, it’s not a problem, since I’ve played a few games that use this technology, but it’s still a chore and a pain in the butt. The Taiwan version might be slightly lenient, but you won’t know if they decide to add StarForce to the game (like they did for FC and Felghana), which is also a nasty DRM.

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  1. This makes me somewhat worried about what the Taiwanese version of the Zero no Kiseki PC will have as its DRM. Though at least it will not be a DRM sanctioned by the PRC government…

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