Falcom JDK Band Concert Website Live

The concert will be taking place on 8/12, this year, in Tokyo Midtown.

Set list, according to the site:
Aoi no Kiseki (Ao no Kiseki main theme)
Inevitable Struggle
A Light Illuminating the Depths
…and others.

There appear to be two concerts- one starting at 14:30 (doors opening at 14:00), and the other starting at 19:00 (doors opening at 18:30).

Tickets are 3980 yen, a piece, and include 1 drink. They are expected to go on sale sometime in late July.

There will also be new goods available.

For concert 1, the guests include:
Mishie, “Great Teacher Estelle” (??), and Agate.

Concert 2:
Mishie and Tio, as well as the others in the Special Support Section.

No word on anything for ustream on it, yet.

The JDK band page also has the following at the bottom:
Sponsored by: Nihon Falcom / Chara-Ani
Sponsorship: Dwnago / OVA“Sora no Kiseki the Animation” Production Committee
Managed by: Prestone
Event Setup: Studio Essence

I see something new there. Bolded emphasis is mine. :)

[ Falcom JDK Band 2011 Summer Live website ]

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