JDK Concert Sold Out?! It’s Okay! Live Streaming Announced! (All the info you need is here!)

Tickets for the JDK Band Live concert sold out very quickly. That’s okay, however, as Falcom’s made the decision to stream the concert live on Nicodouga Live Broadcast.

This will be different from the ustream run last year, however. Nico Douga often does ticketed events for their live broadcasts, and this will be no different. Also, from the tweets, it even looks like Falcom will allow the video to be time-shifted,but don’t quote me on that. If you have a standard Nicodouga account, you can only set an event for time-shift before the concert begins. Only premium account holders can set it afterwards.

The link for the nicodouga live page can be found here.

Do you not have a nicodouga account? Check out this page to see how to register for one.

Now, about the net-ticket process…

To see the concert, however, you will need to buy a net-ticket. This can be purchased online from Nicofarre, or Nicodouga. You need 1500 points to see the concert, which will total up to be 1500 yen. Of course, you can’t buy 1500 points. You have to buy a 1000 batch and a 500 batch. This is the page for the net-tickets to the concert. This will allow you to see the concert live.

Thankfully, the site for net-tickets does take visa and mastercard. It appears to be the same system that takes payments for Shinanobook, so I will assume that they can take overseas orders.

The broadcast will begin at 18:30 in Japan. This is 5:30am Eastern Time. I’m also providing a time zone converter for you to use to locate your own time zone if you’re across the pond or whatever or can’t convert from EDT. :D This is the same time as the doors opening at Nicofarre, as well. The concert itself begins at 19:00- or 6:00am EDT.

Net-tickets can be purchased through 8/26 and the time-shift version will be available until 9/12.

To purchase net-tickets, you start at this page. You will need a nicodouga account and sign in. Once you sign in, it will say that you don’t have enough points (if you don’t have any or enough already, that is)- and the big red button will take you to a link where you can purchase points. As I said above, you can’t buy a block of 1500. So you will need to purchase a block of 1000 and then a block of 500. You take the option for credit card after you click the number of points (first option), and you enter in your card number, expiration date, and the number displayed on the site to prove that you are, in fact, a living person.

I’ve not purchased mine yet, so I don’t know what goes past that point, but I will keep people posted for when I *do* purchase them.

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