Leaked Info from Dengeki PS 499

(Getting close to 500, aren’t they? Dengeki PS has been celebrating that for a few weeks now. They’ve been posting the covers for their past issues on twitter to celebrate. Ping me if you’re interested. :D)

Thefollowing characters have been unveiled for Ao no Kiseki in this week’s Dengeki PS:

Age: Unknown
The subleader to the intelligence-type gang, the Testaments, and a loyal associate to Wazy Hemisphere. He’s finally got full body artwork and chat images in this game.

Wald Wales
Age: 20
The leader of the fighting-type gang, the Saber Vipers.

Jonah Sacred
Age: 13
Like, Tio, he’s an engineer from the Epstein Foundation, and he often takes jobs from people here and there.

Deiter Crois
Age: 45
The president of the IBC (International Bank of Crossbell). After the events of Zero no Kiseki, he has won the election to become the mayor of Crossbell.

Mariabelle Crois
Age: 19
Deiter’s daughter. After winning the mayoral election, he has stepped away from his post, leaving Mariabelle as the president of the IBC in his place.

New locations!

Wonderland – the amusement park located at Michelam. Michie is the mascot for this place. Wonderland will have multiple mini-game events located within it, especially with its attractions.
Horror Coaster – this is a QTE type mini-game based on a rollercoaster adventure ride. You can select a partner to go with Lloyd on it. The screenshots show Elie.
Sunshine Mall Ferris-Wheel – Located near the center of the park, you can pick a partner to ride on this with Lloyd. The screenshots show Fran.
Fortune Teller – She is capable of speaking of the relationship levels with the characters. The screenshots show Tio with Lloyd.

Lakeside Beach-
Located at Michelam, this seems to be the location of the beach events seen in screenshots.

Orchis Tower-
This is the new government building within the city of Crossbell. At 40 stories tall, it is the only skyscraper on the continent.

This issue of Dengeki PS is in the mail to me now. I should have scans of it posted, soon.

[ Blog entry on the issue ]

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