I Figli di Gaucci Productions Releasing Ys Origin Soon, Starting Xanadu Next

I Figli di Gaucci- the group headed by the one and only Doppiapunta- is very close to releasing the translation patch for Ys Origin, as posted on the website on August 5th. Testing has been completed for Yunica, and the testing for the other characters will begin in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve included some images from the post, but feel free to follow the link back to see the other images that have been posted.

Also,it seems that Doppiapunta has been working with someone to put out a translation patch for Xanadu Next.

– the patch is almost done. We can say it can be considered a “gold” version. Our main hacker and project coordinator Gho spent some of his time fixin’ some boring bugs and trying to clean the work as well as possible. We’ll hope to release the english patch next autumn… no date was established ’till now.

This is exciting news for people to finally get to play these two games in English!

[ I Figli di Gaucci Productions ]

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