Dengeki Playstation 501 Ao no Kiseki Article Scans


Sincethere’s so much that needs to be done on here today… I don’t have scans of issue 500, so I’ll give more details on those later.

Cut for image spam! (And a minor Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky spoiler)

New characters:
President Rocksmith (65); The president of the Republic of Calvard. He has to balance the whole issue with emigrants and nationalists, while handling the issues involving Crossbell and the Empire.

Kirika Rouran (28); in Ao no Kiseki, she is working as an aid to President Rocksmith. She was originally seen as the manager of the Zeiss Bracers Guild in the Sora no Kiseki games. She specializes in eastern martial arts for combat.

Pom-tto! – You can challenge multiple characters at this puzzle game. As you collect three poms of the same color, they disappear and you earn CP. At 100 CP, you are able to utilize an S-Craft.
Furniture Collecting – As you collect pieces of furniture, you will get individual event scenes. You now have rooms for KeA, Wazy, and Noel in Ao no Kiseki.
Fishing – The Fishing Emperor’s Club has arrived in Crossbell to take over from the Fisherman’s Guild. You can challenge fishermen to take back sections for the original guild.
Fragments – The data from D.G has large pieces missing from it. You will be able to collect and complete the documents.

Grace Lin (25); A reporter with the Crossbell News Services. In order to get her scoops, she energetically travels about the Crossbell region.
(This page features an interview with Shirley’s voice actress, also.)

1) Back Attack: When attacked from behind, support members are shuffled into combat.
2) Orbal Car and Customization: Using the car, it’s possible to jump to key points on the map. You can purchase customizable parts for the car, and you can paint the car to custom colors or even put an SD Tio on it. You can also restore your HP at the car.
3) Break Objects: Wooden crates, jars, and boxes are scattered around on the field that can be broken with the field attacks. These can drop items.

4) Clear Data transfer: You can transfer your clear data from Zero no Kiseki. Things that can be inherited are: Character Levels, Relationship Events, Fishing Rank, Detective Rank, and Combo Crafts. Small side events seen in Zero no Kiseki may influence other events in Ao no Kiseki, as in whether or not you met Sully, or Noel meeting Shizuku…

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