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Talk about a blast from the past. Have a scan of one of the first flyers for the PC release of Trails in the Sky. I think this showed up around 2003 or so? I can’t remember what game it was boxed with… but this flyer predates Ys VI’s original release. I don’t know which game it came with, because it’s not in the boxes of pre-Ys VI games that I have. There’s a small threshold for when it could have been, though, as the character artbook has evidence showing the year 2000 on some of the early character sketches.

Those of you who have finished Trails in the Sky may notice a few things about this flyer. Those of you who have played SC will definitely notice something about it. :D But don’t worry. There is nothing really spoilery in this. Just a very ‘hmm’ factor.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting look at what may be a little sign of the development process of the game.

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