Zero no Kiseki Full Voice Edition Teaser Site Open (+Opinions!)

The teaser site for the new project developed in coordination with Falcom and Chara-Ani has been opened. Zero no Kiseki was released in Sept 2010. This new version will feature full voice acting in event scenes.

While Falcom and Chara-Ani will be in charge of the primary development work, along with assistance from Patapon developer, Pyramid, in developing this port.

I’ve read some apprehension towards this port because Falcom’s not the only one involved. I have a few things to comment on with it, really. Chara-Ani is responsible for a lot of the drama CDs that are being released for Falcom, so they have the funds and studio accesses to perform the recording work.

I’ve seen people worried that Falcom’s page doesn’t reflect the website. This could be due to the fact that it will probably show up once it gets to their Friday update, as always. However, people shouldn’t be surprised at a deal between Falcom and Chara-Ani. They’ve only been doing things together for about 2-3 years now. This is probably the most high profile project between the two. Falcom has talked about it on their multitude of Thursday tweets.

I imagine that the assistance in port development may be coming in due to the need of resources. This won’t be a cheap project, nor will it be easy. Zero no Kiseki has a script that it longer than FC’s. Doing a full voice version of Zero on the PSP is impossible, due to how much recording will need to be done. This will be getting into the scale of recording necessary for one of the Tales games.

In short, this is not a project I can see Falcom doing on their own in the first place.
End of Opinion.

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