Falcom Chronicle and Sora no Kiseki vol 2 Dated for Release

Falcom’smassive 640 page memorial book to be released for their 30th anniversary now has a release date of 11/8.

Other release dates, include Amazon.co.jp’s announcement of the 2nd and final volume of the Sora no Kiseki the Animation set. That is 2/24/2012. They’ve already started taking preorders for the Collector’s Edition for 6061 yen. That’s a good price. :D

These will both be added to the catalog.

[ @NihonFalcom on Twitter ]
[ Amazon.co.jp – Sora no Kiseki the Animation vol 2 ]

5 Replies to “Falcom Chronicle and Sora no Kiseki vol 2 Dated for Release”

  1. Falcom Chronicle sounds interesting. I do need the vital details of ISBN and the like so I can see if it can be special ordered though at my usual import retailor.


    1. Sorry this took so long! ASCII Media Works is the publisher, and the ISBN is 978-4-04-870774-9. It retails at 4700 yen.

  2. The anniversary book was sold out on CDJapan when I tried looking, so I had to buy from YesAsia (eww) $90 + Free shipping. I guess it could be worse (deputy service). At least I’m getting it <3

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