Info for Ordering the Falcom Heroine Nendoroids

The Feena, Estelle, and Renne nendoroids are now available on Falcom’s mail order website. However, there’s a catch to it…

The ordering information follows:
Product Number: Y87
Set Includes: Renne/Estelle/Feena
Product: ABS/PVC Painted Non-Scale Figure, approx. 65mm tall
Reservation Period: Through to 11/27/2011.
Release Period: 3/2012

Pleaseview the following notes about ordering, however
* The product is being manufactured to the count of orders. They will not be sold after the reservation period.
* This product is intended for Japanese domestic consumers. They are unable to ship it internationally.
* As this product is outside of Falcom’s Winter Fare, you will not receive a calendar for ordering it.
* This product cannot be purchased together with other products.

There are a couple of other things, such as that because of manufacturing it could be delayed after 3/2012, and other things.

The important thing to note is what I have italicized. Falcom cannot ship this internationally. You will most likely need to go through a proxy service or find another company that will be getting them and can ship to the US.

You can find them on:
* Play Asia ($29.90)
* CD Japan (2000 yen)
* Amiami Shop (1650 yen)
* Hobby Link Japan (1900 yen)
* (1700 yen)
* Otacute ($22.90)
I will add more stores as I find them. Feel free to comment with others so that they can be added to the list as well.

[ Falcom Mail Order Store – Nendoroid Reservation Page ]

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6 Replies to “Info for Ordering the Falcom Heroine Nendoroids”

  1. i was waiting for this info … hey floofy … check at CD Japan .. said for japan sales only … and i dont know if play-asia will ship out of japan :S …

    and about falcom calendar 2012 … do u know if falcom will ship for internationally ?
    i want that calendar too bad … :P

    1. Woah.

      Nice catch. I’ll go ahead and contact CD Japan and Play-Asia to check to be sure on things, but thank goodness you saw that.

  2. “For sale in Japan only”? I’ve ordered not only one, but two “for sale in Japan only” nendoroids from AmiAmi, and they safely arrived at my house. Well, I’ve got an importer/retailer in my country though, so that doesn’t matter much.

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