Trails in the Sky Series ‘Smartphone Edition’ to be Released

Falcom has confirmed that Aeria Games will be releasing an original title for the Trails in the Sky series to smartphones. This game seems to be, according to Falcom’s statements on their website, an ‘original title’ that will feature social networking and online gaming elements to it.

Falcom has also stated that this will be released in both Japan and North America, with that being the beginning of release in the ‘English-speaking world.’

According to the press release from Aeria Games themselves, they have obtained the licensing agreement to develop this game. It will be released to smartphones in Japan and English-speaking nations, as they seem to intend to release it globally.

This will be a classic-style RPG to be played on smartphones- and the press release goes into information much like what Falcom had posted above. They intend to use this as a platform to reach out to potential new fans, and as this receives a larger market outside of Japan, they will continue to supply contents to smartphones.

Now, let me make a few observations on this…

There are a few things about this that I’ve been curious about, but I keep seeing the phrase ‘original title’ come up. Even upon rereading the articles from this morning, I still keep getting a feel of a ‘new game’ for the ‘Sora no Kiseki series’ specifically, as it keeps being addressed in such a way.

I also spoke with Jess Chavez of XSEED Games earlier, and she as able to confirm to me that they are not involved in this project, as well.

What I cansay is that both Falcom and Aeria Games have released extremely little information on this. I can also imagine that it may take some time before we see anything come of it, as the press release is simply just saying that they completed the contract for the licensing rights to make the game.

Remember that the Sorcerian game was first announced in April 2011, and we finally have the teaser site for it ast of this week.

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[ Aeria Games Press Release ]
[ Aeria Games Japanese Website ]

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