Aeria Games Opens Official Site for iOS Sorcerian

Today,the official website for the iOS version of Sorcerian has opened up. Aeria has also unveiled that Sorcerian will support the Apple GameCenter system.

Through the GameCenter, Sorcerian will have the following:

The game can score you on number of enemies killed and clear time, and there will be leaderboards for these two options. It also seems that there may be a Time Attack function in the future.

Achievements are self explanatory, and you will earn points through these specific requirements.

[ Aeria Games’ Official iOS Sorcerian Website (JP) ]

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3 Replies to “Aeria Games Opens Official Site for iOS Sorcerian”

    1. This is not an app that’s out yet. Nor do I send any of the software that I talk about on this website unless it’s in a contest. You will need to reach out to Aeria Games in Japan… and even then, they have yet to announce a release date for it.

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