Falcom Music Now Available on iTunes in 50 Countries

This morning, the following two tweets showed up on Falcom’s twitter account:

Sowith some searching, it seems that this is, indeed correct!

Michael Cunningham, of RPGamer (@FinalMacstorm on Twitter), has been able to confirm that the following albums are available on the US iTunes. Ross Brierley of Ghostlight Games (@Ghostlight_Ross) has also been able to confirm to me that the same albums are also available on the UK iTunes, as well. (Pricing and links for the US store.)
Aoi Kiseki by Kanako Kotera – Single available for .99
THE LEGEND OF HEROES AO NO KISEKI Original Soundtrack – 59 tracks for $15.99
The legend of heroes ZERO NO KISEKI Super Arrange Version – 13 tracks for $11.99
The legend of heroes ZERO NO KISEKI Original soundtrack – 76 tracks for $17.99

Most of the individual tracks are .99 each.

Falcom has later on tweeted that this is for sure in:
United States, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Greece – then emphasized the ’50 countries’ statement again.

Thanks for the help in getting this information for me, everyone! By the sound of things, this will continue to be updated over time. I will try to keep an eye out for other iTunes updates for people.

EDIT: Wow. Talk about ninja music. According to Ross, these were updated on 12/10 on the UK store. Gotta keep my eyes open more!
EDIT Mk 2: Macstorm has also said that the date could just be the release date.

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  1. Ah, kind of funny. All those soundtracks are for games that probably won’t hit the shores of US/EU for a couple years. But, good to see they’re finally branching out even if it is digital only.

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