The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution for PS Vita Leaked in DPS

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Dengeki Playstation 512 has the revelation of Zero no Kiseki Evolution, the full-voice edition of Zero for the Playstation Vita.

It will be released in the Summer, at 6090 yen.
It will be using HD scale graphics.
All of the main events will be fully voiced.
There will be new support requests (side quests!)
Additional minigames.
Additional controls distinctive to the PS Vita.

They will be smoothing out the animation, and increase the scale of the graphical effects. Character ‘bust-up’s will be animated during conversation scenes.
They’re talking about shadows and reflections in a certain mansion on Michelam Island.
There will be new episodes involving Mishie, Oscar, and others.
Minigames will include Darts, action puzzles, and a clock utility (utilizing the touch screen)… Minigames will make use of the touch panel and gyroscope.

The interview is with Toshihiro Kondo, the president of Nihon Falcom, Tadakazu Hiraga (producer from Chara-Ani), and Ken Nakano from Pyramid.

* After working on the drama CDs for three years, they began the process of planning a full-voice edition game.
* After Zero no Kiseki, there are aims to put Ao no Kiseki on sale, as well.
* They were looking for hardware to release this on. With the HD graphics and the expected processing power for the Vita, that’s what they chose.
* They’ve worked with Pyramid before and reached out for assistance.
* Chara-Ani is planning and producing. They are also in charge of project management and sales supervision.

* Pyramid is in charge of development. They will be responsible for porting the game, as well as developing any new ‘operational content’ for it. They proposed the work using the rear touchpanel and gyroscope.

Kondo: Falcom will be responsible for overall supervision and data checking on the project.

Nakano: There are a bunch of fans on Pyramid’s staff. Their primary interest is to not destroy the original work.
Kondo: Lloyd’s recording script is roughly 1200 pages. This would be too much for Falcom to handle, so they are happy to do this through a collaborative effort. Pyramid’s staff is extremely motivated, and the work is progressing quickly.

* Voice recording should take upwards from 1-2 months, schedules permitting. The recording scripts are like thick phone books.
* There will be roughly 150 characters tied to the main story events that will have voice work. The performing seiyuu are like an impressive battle formation. They will be the same as in the drama CD’s.
Nakano: They are still in the process of recording and editing voice work.
Tadakazu: The movie is currently being animated. The game will see a completely new opening.
Kondo: Falcom is working on a new arrangement of the music.

Nakano: This game will be utilizing the Vita’s capabilities for minigames. It will also include trophies. Trophies for investigation achivements and records are being prepared.
Tadakazu: Falcom is involved in working on new support requests.

Tadakazu: We want to continue on to Ao, afterwards.
Kondo: We will be discussing this after Nayuta no Kiseki is completed.
Nakano: We definitely want to continue onward with the sequel.

Tadakazu: Chara-Ani wishes to continue on with these kinds of productions afterwards. We are considering Ao no Kiseki drama CDs.

Kondo: We will begin on the next Kiseki title promptly after Nayuta no Kiseki is completed.

There’s a bit more, but I had trouble translating some of it, but that’s the meat of the information.

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