Zero no Kiseki Full Voice Edition Website Updated?

AsI updated earlier today, they changed the front page of the Zero no Kiseki Full Voice Edition website to show an Enigma Orbment with the CSPD coverplate.

Today, it seems to be sporting a different look. The cover is open, and a single Space-element quartz is in the center.

What does this mean? I can’t say. My guess is that we have a countdown, now that we’re six days away from the reveal event, and there are now six slots left. Maybe?

What do you all think?


The link for the announcement event is up on nicodouga. I’ve timeshifted it myself.

More details:
It was organized by Kadokawa Games and Chara-Ani.

It’s supported by Nihon Falcom and the Sora no Kiseki the Animation Production Committee.

Expected guests are:
Yoshimo Yasuda from Kadokawa Games
Satoshi Kato from Chara-Ani
Toshihiro Kondo from Nihon Falcom
Ken Nakano from Pyramid
Kaori Mizuhashi, the voice actress of Tio Plato, and the radio personality for Falcom Radio.
JDK Band – Kanako Kotera, and potentially seven others.

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