JDKtv at Anime Contents Expo 2012

TheJDK Band members will be involved in a ‘Zero Evolution’ talkshow at Anime Contents Expo at the end of March. They will also be doing an ‘acoustic live’ performance, as well. At the booths, Falcom will be bringing back the popular ‘grab bags’ (fukubukuro) from Comiket that instantly sold out. These bags contain a varied amount of random goods.

Event Details-
Date and Time: 3/31/2012 at 13:00
Location: Booth #4 and Kadokawa Group Stage
Event: JDK Band Members Zero Evolution talkshow and Acoustic Live
Performers: Kanako Kotera, Toshiharu Okajima, Noriyuki Kamikura (Falcom JDKBand)

Event Participation-
AT 9:00 on 3/31, the first 50 visitors to the Kadokawa Group Stage will receive participation tickets.

Anime Contents Expo 2012-
3/31/2012 and 4/1/2012 from 9:00 to 18:00
Admission stops at 17:30.
Location: Makuhari Messe International Exhibit Halls 1, 2, and 3
Admission: 1500yen
Sponsor: Anime Contents Expo Executive Committee

Goods (I’m sure this is what everyone wanted to see? :D)

Falcom Fukubukuro Evolution (Grab Bags)

The bags that sold out immediately at Comiket have returned. This time, as they’re for Zero no Kiseki Evolution, they will contain new goods in them.
Each for 5000 yen.
Chara-Ani will also be giving away 30 of them on 4/2 at 14:00 (Japan time) in the Chara-Ani chance event.

Ao no Kiseki Tapestries

Much like the ones released at Comiket, there will now be tapestries for Elie and Noel. These measure 1500mmx515mm, with a nylon material.
They are 5000 yen each.
(The stock of each tapestry will be split in half for each day of the event.)

Falcom JDK Band 2011 Xmas Live in YOKOHAMA BAY HALL blu-ray

THe complete compilation of the concert from 12/10/2011 released on blu-ray! This contains a lot of bonus behind the scenes footage as well. You will get a Mishie bromide with it.
Price: 4800 yen.

hoshi no arika zanmai CD

A CD single containing a collection of variations of the song Hoshi no Arika. (‘The Whereabouts of Light’ in the English release of Trails in the Sky.) – each variation is performed by a different artist and with a different style. (Kanako Kotera, Mizuki Mizutani, u-mi, Anemone, and Icarus Watanabe)
Price: 1500 yen.

Falcom Pin Collection – 15 Varieties

Zero no Kiseki character 30mm diameter tin pin set. They are individually wrapped, for 200 yen each. There is no way to pick a specific one- it is entirely random.

[ Falcom Radio – Specials ]

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