Nayuta no Kiseki Teaser Site Updated

Justas it says, the teaser site for Nayuta no Kiseki has been updated. We now have our first glimpse of character art and the banner program has begun.

EDIT: posted an article on the teaser site, but it doesn’t seem to show much other than speculation that there will be new information soon, as well as wondering if this girl is a ‘key figure’ of the story.

[ Nayuta no Kiseki Teaser Site ]

3 Replies to “Nayuta no Kiseki Teaser Site Updated”

    1. No, I agree. It’s been bugging me a bit. I think someone else pointed out the braids as making them think of Arionrhod, too.

      1. ohhh looking now i see a bit of Arianrhod in her xD haha …anyway we will see later …. NICE ART ANY WAY =D i loved

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