Sora-Zero-Ao no Kiseki Character and Illustration Book Covers

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The two covers for the illustration and character books for the upcoming Sora-Zero-Ao no Kiseki Collection books have been released. New artwork from Enami Katsumi featuring all of the main characters of the games- Estelle, Joshua, Kevin, Ries, Lloyd, Elie, Randy, and Tio.

Interesting to note, however. once had the release dates posted. Now they don’t. I’ll change the dates on the calendar to state tentative, because it looks like there isn’t anything concrete on when these books will be out.

These aren’t the only images I have. To cut down on bandwidth, I’ll have the rest behind a cut. The very last image, however, after the ones found by VividAriah has spoilers. Please make note.

VividAriah has found some new images on a blog from the books:

And last but not least, Falcom themselves have posted an image on twitter of some pages, including Wazy and Rixia.

[ Amazon Page for Characters Book ]
[ Amazon Page for Illustration Book ]
[ Gemaga Blog ]
[ @NihonFalcom on Twitter ]

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