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The world is flat, and people believe that the other side of the ocean is the ‘world’s end.’ The hero, Nayuta, believes that the world continues onwards beyond the ocean.

Nayuta Herschel – the main character. Art of him with blue hair, carrying a sextant.
He’s 15 year sold, lives in a port city, attending [I’m having issues romanizing this name- ?????? ] academy. He stumbles onto a mystery that makes him start an adventure. His hobby is astronomical navigation.

Noi is a tiny fairly like girl with red-pink hair in twin-tails. She wears a one-piece dress with over-the-knee stockings.
Nayuta meets her by chance, and she begins to help him as a partner on his adventure. She possesses an mysterious item called the ‘master gear.’

Signa Alhazen
18 years old. Nayuta’s childhood friend. He’s a genius swordsman who belongs to a local mercenary group.

There’s another character that’s a redhaired girl in a school uniform.

Nayuta finds the mysterious girl on his adventure, and the truth of the world revolves around her.

Cynthia Sea – A massive ocean that has a countless number of small islands in an archipelago. Due to its size, people believe the world to be flat.
Remnant Island – An island where they say that many relics and ruins have fallen from the sky and accumulated.
Lost Heaven – [I’m having issues with this line. I’ll try to tackle this translation later and edit the post. -KM]
Four Seasons – A floating island in the sea. Its appearance depends on the season. The seasons will affect the game in a major way.

Primary controls revolve around controlling Nayuta. Nayuta’s swordword is called ‘skills.’ With a single button, you can command Noi to use the magic of Four Seasons, known as Arts. She can also invoke various ‘gimmicks’ through the use of Gear Craft.

Boss Battles – Large scale bosses. Various mechanisms and dynamic character work increase the tension of the fights.

Clothes Change – As you change equipment, the character’s appearance changes. The screenshot shows Noi with a ‘gothic dress’ and ‘casual glasses’ on.

You can gather items for a museum, seek out goals through ‘stage missions,’ and complete the requirements of the ‘achivement system.’ Multiple difficulty levels are also available.

Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo was interviewed as well.

The game is complete. They are currently working on re-balancing it, and adding finishing touches. They have been working on this for two years- they started it not too long before Zero no Kiseki.

This game is utilizing everything they’ve learned for PSP development since they went to the system. It is intended to be a combination of Kiseki-style world-view and storytelling with Ys-style action.

As for the Kiseki relation, this is intended to be a ‘new experience.’ It is largely unrelated to the previous stories. As such, the ‘Legend of Heroes’ title has been removed.

There is a ‘star motif’ throughout the game. A simple, yet infinite number is partly the inspiration of the ‘Nayuta no Kiseki’ title.

The hero lives in a limited world, with a desire to see the mysteries beyond.

There are many people at Remnant Island. Speaking to people in individual sections of the town earns you quests.

The story of Four Seasons is part of the theme- where stage, graphics, and gimmicks will change.

They have worked to learn to handle graphics to a greater scale while working on this game. It pushes the capabilities of the PSP.

Event scenes and game scenes merge from one to another seamlessly. The main visuals are in 3D graphics, while movie scenes are 2D.

Nayuta can equip one-handed swords, two-handed swords, maces and so forth. He has a range of weapons each with different animations and attack speeds. (Thanks to Duckroll @ NeoGaf for help on this. :D)

As Nayuta levels up, he will gain new Crafts. As the story progresses, Noi gains new Gear Crafts and Arts. The more you use them, Arts will level up.

Voices have been recorded, but they’re still being tweaked to fit properly in the game. The theme song has yet to be recorded.

Series fans will see the ‘Kiseki’ series connection, while new users will still be able to completely enjoy the game.

On the new game in the works- the genre and details are a main secret.

As Celceta has been in development alongside Nayuta, they’ve been taking what they’ve learned about graphics between the two games. Celceta currently looks significantly better than it did at its TGS reveal. Screenshots will soon be revealed.

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  1. To preface this, I’ve seen Hokanko’s summary but not the actual issue so I could be missing things as a result.

    Obviously katakana’s subject to interpretation but I think Falcom might have been aiming for ‘Scientia Sea’, going with Nayuta’s interest in knowledge. I’d instinctively say the town/academy is Saint something. A bit of Google-fu turned up Cerise (a color and a place in France) using the remaining syllables though I’m not sure if that’s what they had in mind. Odds are we’ll get a Falcom romanization eventually.

    Also, I think the bit about Four Seasons was a general reference and that all the islands experience the effects, rather than it being a single place. At least, that’s what I read into Shimajima. Sorry I can’t help with the bit about Lost Heaven; not quite sure how to interpret that one either.

  2. サン= could be “San” of saint in spanish
    セリーゼ= ….Ceriize … mm i think should be a name of someone … San Cerice ?

  3. My guess on サンセリ-ゼ would be Saints-Elysées, with the liaison between the s and the E being merged together in the katakana. While it doesn’t quite make sense in French, it would definitely fit the pronunciation.

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