Nayuta no Kiseki Website Now Open – Preorder Goods Revealed – Falcom Accepting Preorders

Today’sa big one! Lots of things around Nayuta no Kiseki.

Everything will be detailed behind the cut. There are a lot of images.

First- the stats:

Platform: Playstation Portable
Release Date: 7/26
Price: 6090 yen / 7980 yen
Genre: TBD
Players: 1
CERO: Rating Pending

There will be two versions released:
Standard Edition will be 6090 yen.
Drama CD Edition will be 7980.

The drama CD has the following:
1) PSP Software – Nayuta no Kiseki
2) Nayuta no Kiseki original Drama CD
3) Pom Reel Pass Case (Very limited numbers – 100,000!)


There are five characters, but only one does not have a silhouette. However, she has no name or information revealed.

While the mysterious woman’s is not under a silhouette, we don’t have much information on her, either:

Currently, the movie section only has the original announcement video.

This currently has the banner campaign that was also posted on the Teaser Site originally.

Order details the two versions once again, then has the following information:
Item #1) JDK Acoustic Live DVD – this is a collection of the acoustic live performances from JDK TV. (Initial preorders)
Item #2) Pom Reel Pass-case (First 100,000 preorders.)
Item #3) Nayuta no Kiseki Original Soundtrack Mini + Spring Case (Preorders from the Falcom Mail Order Store.)

[ Nayuta no Kiseki Website ]
[ Falcom IR Press Release ]

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2 Replies to “Nayuta no Kiseki Website Now Open – Preorder Goods Revealed – Falcom Accepting Preorders”

  1. How very interesting…Is that the shape of a sextant I see while looking at the first silhouette? I guess it fits with the clockwork and what I now realize is probably an astronomical telescope that is in the title graphic.

    The vibes of Gueld the White Witch which I had been getting since the first pic went up on the website is really starting to get noticeable.

    And….There is no way to say this without sounding crude/cruel…But the mysterious girl looks…Uh…Dead.

    1. You’re right on the logo image. Kondo confirmed that in an interview last month.

      With the idea of the sextant, I think that maybe navigation will be a big thing for the main character and I’m really excited about that.

      And lets hope the girl isn’t dead… especially as she’s on the main character cast and all…

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