Nayuta no Kiseki Website Updates for 4/20/2012 – Gameplay Movie vol 1

Updates to the characters page doesn’t really give us much more than two more silhouettes.

(Did Mishie sneak into Nayuta???)

An image of Noi with the pom case has been added as well:

However, the highlight is what’s under the movie section of the website. We finally have our first gameplay video, against a boss, no less. The video highlights the one-button action of the game’s battle system.

Also, the game is now classified as CERO B.

[ Nayuta no Kiseki Official Website ]

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One Reply to “Nayuta no Kiseki Website Updates for 4/20/2012 – Gameplay Movie vol 1”

  1. A moment of silence for the poor Pom that gave its life for Noi’s fashion accessory.

    Also, if the game can live up to the variety hinted at in this teaser (Gearcraft boss fights, terrain considerations, jumping…) it’s going to be one hell of an experience.

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