Potential Leak on Nayuta no Kiseki from Bic Camera?

Itseems that there was an incidental posting of details on Nayuta no Kiseki’s system on the product page on Bic Camera’s website. This has since been pulled down, but it is still available via Google Cache.

I am classifying this as a rumor. Please make note that while I feel confident in it through being able to verify that it was posted through Google cache, this is nowhere near considered an official announcement.

I’m also at 22 hours of awakefulness, so if there are any mis-translations, please let me know and I will correct them.

As we’ve all known, the setting, characters, and game system will all change.

A compilation of the PSP works from Falcom
With the story and world development from the continuous Kiseki series of Sora, Zero, and Ao, combined with an exciting action RPG, as is Falcom’s specialty, to make one great new title in the Kiseki series.

Diverse Action
Speedy and flashy action scenes have been developed, making use of three types of actions: skills, arts, and gear crafts. Each action can be activated through the use of one button, making it a simple and enjoyable combat system.

‘Changing Seasons’ System
In the stage of this adventure, Lost Heaven, the four seasons can be changed freely! With each of the seasons, the appearance, music, enemies, and ways of progressing through stages will change. Nayuta no Kiseki is an original production where the story and world view will unfold as you go through each stage’s seasons.

Events play out through camera work and voice
The production will be dramatically enhanced through events scenes that played out through face-talk images, full body movement, to bold camera work, and voice.

All parts of the player character graphics can be changed through costumes and equipment.

Greatest optional component of the ‘Kiseki’ series: Museum
Particular items that are dropped by enemies on action stages, or hidden in treasure chests, can be taken back to ‘The Remaining Island.’ These items can be donated at the island’s museum for display, to fill up the exhibit room. The gathered items can include things such as stones, bugs, fish, or treasures. There are over 100 item types to search for to complete your exhibit.

Many various other things
There are many subquests in the game, and many other hidden components that can be found through extra playthroughs. There is an abundance of components for replayability of the stage missions.

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