Updates on the Crossbell Archives Book

Informationon the contents of the Legend of Heros Zero/Ao no Kiseki Materials Book: Crossbell Archive have come out.

This book will be released on 4/27, for 3360 yen. It will be 320 pages, in full-color.

There is some spoiler materials in this, so please be aware of it underneath the cut-

The book will contain the following sections:


Scenario will explain many of the mysteries from Zero and Ao no Kiseki. It will have an analysis of the two games’ scenario and include new data that was not in the games.
Some of the new data will include:
* Why did Lloyd hear KeA calling ‘Find me’?
* What is the meaning of KeA’s name?
* What did Renne see when she went to the Mirror Castle?
* What is the ‘Door of Arrival to D’?
* Why did the blue gnosis demonize Wald?
* What was Novartis’ ‘Promised Day?’
* Did Mariabell really become the Third Pillar?
* What are Rixia’s three-sizes?
* What are the specs of the three Aion units?
….and others.


The book will contain profiles for the principle characters from the SSS, and it will detail all of the characters that made their appearances during Zero and Ao no Kiseki. It also contains a compilation of all of the relationship events with Lloyd and his friends.


Sales illustrations, image visuals, and storyboards from Zero and Ao no Kiseki all in one book. A large poll was taken that received over 1500 answers to questions such as ‘Who is your favorite character?’ and ‘What was your favorite line?’

[ Crossbell Archives Website on Dengeki ]

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  1. I love how in the middle of all that serious material we get Rixia’s measurements as one of the unanswered questions the book will be answering. Oh Falcom.

    1. This comment is one of the reasons why your commentary is always so great to me. I laughed very hard when I read it.

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