Major Site Changes Coming Up

Inmy work to combat spam on my wiki, I will be temporarily shutting it down at some point this week, so that I can make some major changes to it that will help chase off the spambots. Hopefully, this will help a significant amount.

The big change is that I’m considering on using OpenID, in order to allow you to use the same login name for commenting on here as you do for the wiki. This way, it will be less logins to worry about. I also believe that I can implement it to my gallery, so that you’re able to use that login information on the gallery at the same time.

Part 2 is that I plan on shutting down open registration to the wiki, and only permitting registered users to do edits. Don’t worry, this won’t mean the end of working on the edits. The only difference is that you will apply for registration and I will be able to respond and approve the account via email. This isn’t too bad of a thing, because I can handle this entirely mobile, as well, so the only period when I won’t be able to worry about account registration will be when I’m sleeping.

Hopefully, this will help cut off the issues I’ve had with my wiki. (I’ll also probably be moving it to a different directory that doesn’t scream ‘HEY, I’M A WIKI! COME SPAM ME!’ or something.

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