Nayuta no Kiseki in the 5/17 Issue of Dengeki Playstation

Thisis a very quick and dirty translation due to how busy I’ve been.

The following information is in the current issue of Dengeki Playstation:

(bolded are new)

Laila Barton – same information as on the website.
Kureha (cv: Ayana Taketatsu) – The mysterious girl from the early visual artwork. She was discovered asleep in a coffin in the center of the Star Garden. She has no memory of anything before waking up. Noi seems to know about her.
Zext and Selam are also mentioned, but it’s the same info from the website.
Orbus Alhazan (cv: Hiroki Touchi) – Nayuta and Signa’s swordsmanship teacher, and he serves as a bodyguard on the island. Six years ago, he moved to Remnant Isle. His history before that is unknown.
Eartha Herschel (cv: Houko Kuwashima) – Nayuta’s kind-hearted older sister, and she is skilled with cooking. She has blonde hair.

It’s possible to freely change the four seasons of the stages.

Combat System:
Sword Arts – Nayuta’s method of attacking. He can learn new skills through stage events and NPCs. Along with these are ‘ougi.’
Knowledge – A skill that allows you to expand Nayuta’s actions. Examples would be increasing the number of attacks with a one-handed sword, or learning to perform air evasion. These are also taught by NPC’s.

Arts – Noi is able to use the ‘Magic of the Four Seasons.’ You setup the spell in the slot for Noi on the status menu. These strengthen as you level up. Examples include ‘Summer Magic – Corona Laser,’ which is a laser made of sunlight. Or ‘Winter Magic – Crystal Lance.’ Arts are learned through defeating high level enemies.

Gear Crafts – Skills performed through Nayuta and Noi’s cooperation. Examples: ‘Gear Drive’ – a Gear Craft for mobility through stages, and allows you to run up walls. ‘Gear Buster’ can be used to destroy obstacles in your way.

Weapons include one-handed swords and two-handed swords, and they will affect Nayuta’s attack speed.

Stage Selection
You can select the island, and if you meet the qualifications, change its seasons.
You can also select stage missions, where you can get achievements and bonuses.

You can take ingredients to Nayuta’s sister and she will make food with them. These have different effects from buffs to recovery, and you earn exp using them. You can also gain more recipes for new items.

Play Report
Polygon characters in event scenes moved more than they expected. Speech is part-voice, and the character motion is impressive.
The game advances through main and subquests. There are also hidden quests available.
There are three difficulty modes: Beginner, Normal, and Hard.
Controls: ? is dodge roll, × is jump, ? is Nayuta’s attack, and ? is Noi’s attack.
There’s a variety of music for the stage that they got to play.

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  1. >You can take ingredients to Nayuta’s sister and she will make food with them. These have different effects from buffs to recovery, and you earn exp using them.

    Zwei no Kiseki confirmed.

    >× is jump
    That’s good, because Ys Seven’s lack of a jump button bothered me.

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